We Share Your Values

JCFW is your community foundation and our board is made up of people you know that share your values. The funds are managed by professional investment advisors with oversight from the JCFW Investment Committee and the JCFW Board of Directors to ensure that funds are maintained according to specific investment management strategies and policies. The current investment policy with available fund portfolio’s is available here. The Investment Committee along with the professional advisors work diligently to obtain competitive returns on our investments while adhering to the Investment Policy. The JCFW conducts an annual audit with a reputable audit firm knowledgeable in foundations. The annual audit has generated a “clean opinion” annually from the accounting firm.

We maintain a strict adherence to donor confidentiality. When you make your grant recommendations you have the ability to request the donation be made anonymously, avoiding further solicitations from the grantee. We accept appreciated assets and IRA rollover funds (in IRS compatible funds). We have a low minimum contribution level, we neither charge to open a fund, make a grant nor do we charge an administrative fee to add money to any fund we hold at the JCFW.  We work to maintain a low administrative fee on the funds we manage and are reasonable for our region.