A Rich History In The Greater Sacramento Region

The Jewish Community Foundation of the West was established in 2000 with 24 participating Jewish organizations and 3 million dollars, representing communities throughout Northern California to build long-term economic support to perpetuate Jewish ideals and help sustain the quality of Jewish life.

The Foundation provides these Jewish communities with philanthropic services and the opportunity to create long-term financial stability for their designated Jewish and non-Jewish charities. The Foundation works with individuals, families, and organizations to create endowments and donor-advised philanthropic funds to meet their charitable objectives best.  Today we manage funds of permanent and organizational endowments that support local Jewish organizations.

All funds are managed by professional investment advisors with oversight from the JCFW Investment Committee and the JCFW Board of Directors to ensure that funds are maintained according to specific investment management strategies and policies. The investment policy is available upon request. JCFW currently manages over 270 funds and growing, which support a wide range of programs and services to meet the long-term financial needs of the community.

Today, the Foundation has expanded to include individuals and congregations in neighboring States that gift generously to charities of their choice domestically and globally assisted by Merril Lynch as our Institutional Investment Advisors and Philanthropic Solutions team.

JCFW's Founding Board Members

Roger Levy
Sandra Felderstein
Steven Fishbein
Julie Lavine
Barbara Ansel
Andrew Barchas
Alan Brodovsky
Glenda Claremon
Andy Goldscheid

Lynn Dean
Carol Edelman
Dave Gordon
Judy Hersher
Don Kaplan
Brian Landsberg
Ed Rabin
Larry Steiber

At the Jewish Community of the West, we seek to guarantee a Jewish tomorrow through the creation of a culture of legacy within the community by empowering individuals and organizations to engage in effective, meaningful giving.