2023 JCFW Board of Trustees

1.- Hope Rabinovitz - President

Hope Rabinovitz


2.- Robert Spector - Vice President

Robert Spector

Vice President

3.- Steve Goldberg - Vice President

Steve Goldberg

Vice President

4.- Dan Gumpert - Treasurer

Dan Gumpert


5.- Nancy Loeb - Secretary

Nancy Loeb


11.- Jeff Clair - Board Member

Jeff Clair

Board Member

7.- Stan Leff - Board Member

Stan Leff, M.D.

Board Member

9.- Andrew Newman - Board Member

Andrew Newman

Board Member

12.- Julian Robinson - Board Member

Julian Robinson

Board Member

10.- Skip Rosenbloom - Board Member

Skip Rosenbloom, M.D.

Board Member

6.- Seth A. Rosenthal, - Board Member

Seth A. Rosenthal, M.D.

Board Member

13.- Hannah A. Shakin - Board Member

Hannah A. Shakin

Board Member

8.- Richard B. Weisberg - Board Member

Richard B. Weisberg

Board Member

At the Jewish Community of the West, we seek to guarantee a Jewish tomorrow through the creation of a culture of legacy within the community by empowering individuals and organizations to engage in effective, meaningful giving.