Donor Advised Funds

JCFW makes it easy for your to give TODAY to the organizations you care the most about. A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) can help you budget your philanthropic dollars and streamline your giving. You can make a large donation in one year, receive an immediate tax benefit and then over time recommend grants to your favorite charitable organizations. With a DAF you can:

  • Make a donation to JCFW in one tax year and receive the tax benefit
  • Make grant recommendations the following year or years to non profit organizations that you continue to support
  • You are supporting the local Jewish Community through your giving at the JCFW and through your grant recommendations
  • You can recommend grants to any eligible US nonprofit organization

JCFW has a minimum of $1000 to open a new donor advised fund, and the minimum grant recommendation has to be at least $100. We can assist you in opening up a Donor Advised Fund.

To talk about and/or open a Donor Advised Fund, please contact