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The JCFW INSIGHT was established to inform Fund Holders of the Foundations' financial status, updates on portfolio results, market trends, and programs related to their DAFs, Organizational Funds, and Endowments Funds.

Fund Holders also enjoy the latest featured articles, community events, and partnering organizations' news.

The JCFW INSIGHT was launched in April of 2022 and continues to produce publications once a month. The vision of The JCFW INSIGHT is to keep Fund Holders informed of the Foundation's marketing programs, financial updates, interesting topics of conversation, and ongoing news to ensure our message is effectively conveyed.

The JCFW’s board members and working committees are here to ensure our mission and vision will be preserved for generations to come through our transparency and dedication to growing the Foundation.

Should you have any questions regarding The JCFW INSIGHT please contact: [email protected]

January 2023 JCFW Insight

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At the Jewish Community of the West, we seek to guarantee a Jewish tomorrow through the creation of a culture of legacy within the community by empowering individuals and organizations to engage in effective, meaningful giving.