Ways To Give

Life & Legacy

With a little planning, you can make the gift of a lifetime by creating a legacy gift. You can make sure your generous support of Jewish charitable causes lasts for generations by establishing an endowment fund, empowering you to continue the work of your heart, and ensuring that the traditions and institutions that mean so much to you will exist well into the future.

The term “legacy gift” covers a wide range of options. All of them can help you make a meaningful gift to the future of the Jewish community.


A charitable bequest is one of the easiest ways to leave a lasting impact on the Jewish community. You can make a bequest in your will or trust, directing a gift to the charitable organizations you would like to support. You can specify a dollar value, a percentage of your estate, or the remainder of your estate. Your bequest can include cash, securities, or other property. If you already have a trust or a will, your attorney can prepare a simple amendment or codicil to provide for your bequest.

Outright Gifts

During your lifetime, you can ensure the Jewish future by making an outright gift—a present-day gift whose value passes to the charitable organization you designate. Writing a check, assigning securities, or deeding real property can accomplish this. You also may be able to donate personal property such as artwork, jewelry, stamps, or other collectibles.

Life Insurance Policy

Using life insurance to fund a charitable gift allows you to leave a substantial legacy for a relatively modest outlay. You can transfer an existing life insurance policy to a charitable organization and receive a charitable income tax deduction. If the policy is not fully paid, you can make deductible contributions that the charity can use to pay the premiums. If you purchase a life insurance policy and name the organization as the beneficiary, you will continue to own and can make use of the policy during your lifetime.

The Jewish Community Foundation of the West exists to support northern California communities.

We are happy to discuss other giving vehicles such as annuities and charitable trusts.  Please contact us to see how we can help you establish a DAF or Endowment.

At the Jewish Community of the West, we seek to guarantee a Jewish tomorrow through the creation of a culture of legacy within the community by empowering individuals and organizations to engage in effective, meaningful giving.