Message From Our Board

"Our Foundation is committed to ensuring our Jewish culture, history, community organizations, synagogues, and Torah teaching will continue forever through the Life & Legacy program."

Life & Legacy Mission Of JCFW

JCFW and the Harold Grinspoon Foundation have created a second four-year plan for Life & Legacy initiatives in our community with our partner organizations in the Greater Sacramento Region to assist those who want to leave a legacy. With our guidance, people of all ages and means can make individual legacy plans that support the causes and organizations that fuel their passion and shape their lives.

About The Program

The Life & Legacy program does more than encourage Jewish communities to have legacy conversations with their most loyal donors. It provides the structure, training, mentoring, and monetary incentives to ensure a Jewish community's success in integrating legacy giving into its philanthropic culture. Life & Legacy is a community-building enterprise that emphasizes collaboration and works to create a united and strong Jewish community for future generations.

What To Expect From JCFW

The JCFW Life & Legacy Team will be responsible for administrating the program as well as coaching and mentoring legacy teams from the participating local organizations.

Our Legacy Team will coordinate the four-year program by implementing workshops, establishing incentive goals and reporting procedures, planning and implementing community-wide events, and holding group gatherings as needed to ensure a successful Life & Legacy program thrives.

The Value Of Life & Legacy For The Whole Community

Encourages dialogue with community leaders about the value of legacy giving

Motivates donors to commit to and formalize after-lifetime commitments

Trains leaders to integrate legacy giving and strong stewardship practices into the community culture

Strengthens Jewish communities by fostering collaboration among organizations

Honors donors and organizational teams by holding celebrations and events

Promote the concept of legacy giving and create a communal “buzz”

Empower organizations to secure legacy gifts for their very own survival and existence

Connect the values and passions of donors to organizations they care about

Secure the future of the Jewish community of the Greater Sacramento Region

At the Jewish Community of the West, we seek to guarantee a Jewish tomorrow through the creation of a culture of legacy within the community by empowering individuals and organizations to engage in effective, meaningful giving.