From Our President - Winter 2019

JCFW was founded in 2000, and at less than twenty years old is much younger and smaller than Jewish Community Foundations in other areas. Despite this, the Foundation is already having a large impact in Sacramento and Northern California. Over six hundred thousand dollars was distributed in 2018 from Foundation held accounts to nonprofit organizations, locally, nationally and worldwide.

Seeing this philanthropy expand in the years to come is the main focus of the Foundation. Our mission statement captures this: "The Jewish Community Foundation of the West exists to enhance charitable giving; facilitate philanthropy both locally and worldwide and to build permanent financial resources to safeguard and strengthen organizations and programs that serve the Jewish families of Northern California."

How do we pursue this mission? We partner with local organizations to plan for the future by helping them to establish funds and endowments. We also administer a LIFE and LEGACY program that facilitates bequests to endowments that contribute to the long-term prosperity of our community and its institutions. The endowments and Donor Advised Funds that we hold are invested by the Graystone Consulting group of Morgan Stanley, in consultation with the JCFW Investment Committee.

In addition to helping create and administer Funds and Endowments, JCFW also provides grants to organizations and individuals for Jewish Summer and Day camps, and to those pursuing college degrees and Jewish Education. We also sponsor workshops on topics relevant to our fund holders, such as last year’s workshop on good accounting practices for nonprofits by accounting firm Propp Christenson Caniglia. We continue to work with local nonprofits to develop Legacy programs, and to facilitate the creation of new endowments by individuals who wish to permanently support the local causes that they treasure. If you are thinking of establishing a charitable fund, whether Donor Advised or Endowment, or if you want to know more about what we do, please contact us.

JCFW is managed by a board that aims to represent the full spectrum of our regional Jewish Community. In 2019 we welcomed two new board members, Stan Leff and Skip Rosenbloom. I want to thank outgoing board member Alice Cartwright, who has been a key contributor to the board over the last decade. Stan and Skip, along with the rest of our Board members, are dedicated to seeing the long-term success of not only the JCFW, but the larger Jewish community as well.

- Joel Hass

Board of Directors

Joel Hass, President
Michael Singer, 1st Vice President
Hope Rabinovitz, 2nd Vice President
Robert Spector, Treasurer
Jack Mador, Secretary
Michael Alcalay
Mike Dean
Steve Goldberg
Stanley Leff
Andrew Newman
Skip Rosenbloom
Larry Saltzman
Nancy Loeb Williams