From Our President - Summer 2018 Message

As we enter the second half of 2018 we have completed the rollout of our Community Suite software. We are now able to provide online access to account balances, as well as records of donations and contributions. We continue to look at ways to make it easier and more convenient for all of you to contribute to your funds and to make donations to the organizations you support.

In 2017, the endowments and donor advised funds held at JCFW distributed approximately $750,000 to worthy causes. This is a substantial achievement for an organization founded less than 20 years ago. With the Life and Legacy program now in place, we expect these amounts to grow steadily in the years to come. So far in 2018 funds held at JCFW have distributed an additional $310,992 to charities and institutions that are important to members of our community. While markets go up and down, the total funds held at JCFW in Endowments and in Donor Advised Funds have now surpassed 8.7 million dollars, and continue to grow steadily.

For those of you familiar with what we do, please share your stories with your friends and families, and invite them to contact us to discuss how that we can help them set up their own funds. JCFW can help you to donate appreciated assets and stocks and can work with you and your financial advisers to maximize tax deduction benefits available from your donations.

Together we are building the future of the Jewish community in our region.

- Joel Hass

Board of Directors

Joel Hass, President
Michael Singer, 1st Vice President
Hope Rabinovitz, 2nd Vice President
Robert Spector, Treasurer
Jack Mador, Secretary
Michael Alcalay
Alice Cartwright
Mike Dean
Steve Goldberg
Reid Milburn
Andrew Newman
Hope Rabinovitz
Larry Saltzman
Nancy Loeb Williams