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From Our President

As the new President of the JCFW I will begin with a few words about my own history in the Sacramento community. I work as a Mathematics Professor at UC Davis, and my family has lived in Davis since 1988 (except for a few sabbatical years in Jerusalem and Princeton.) My three children grew up here and have now moved on to Berkeley, Brooklyn and Tel Aviv. I served on the Hillel Board for many years, including a three-year term as President, and since 2010 on the board of JCFW. My family has two Donor Advised Funds at JCFW, the Hass Family Fund for general giving and a second, the California Israel Fund, which supports new projects between California and Israeli academics in the sciences. The JCFW has provided a powerful and convenient way to increase our charitable activities.

I would like to take this opportunity to review the growth of the Foundation over the last three years, during the very successful term of my predecessor Michael Dean. The Foundation began 2015 with assets of $5,998,373 and now holds over eight million dollars. These assets enabled substantial sums to be distributed to our community organizations each year. In 2017, the endowments and donor advised funds held at the Foundation distributed approximatly $750,000 to worthy causes. This is a substantial achievement for an organization founded less than 20 years ago. With the Life and Legacy program now in place, the Foundation expects these amounts to grow substantially in the years to come.

We would also like to announce that the JCFW recently purchased software that will enable you to review your funds on –line and make grant recommendations on-line. This software is part of a major improvement to the operations at the JCFW and we will be rolling out your on-line access over the next few months. Meanwhile, continue to make your grant recommendations via email, be sure to include your fund name and number (if you have more than one fund) and the amount and charity you wish to recommend for the grant. We continue to offer on-line donations via Stripe (a secure platform) and accept appreciated assets and checks.

Thank you again for all you do to repair the world!

- Joel Hass

Board of Directors

Joel Hass, President
Michael Singer, 1st Vice President
Hope Rabinovitz, 2nd Vice President
Robert Spector, Treasurer
Jack Mador, Secretary
Michael Alcalay
Alice Cartwright
Mike Dean
Steve Goldberg
Reid Milburn
Andrew Newman
Hope Rabinovitz
Larry Saltzman
Nancy Loeb Williams


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