The Jewish Community Foundation of the West is delighted to be a recipient of a grant from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation to launch the LIFE & LEGACY Program in the Sacramento area.

What is LIFE & LEGACY?

This proven program brings training, resources, accountability, and cash incentives to our area to help participating organizations grow and maintain planned giving programs, with a focus on after-lifetime gifts. Eight Sacramento-area community organizations have dedicated themselves to this process:

  • Congregation B’nai Israel
  • Congregation Bet Haverim
  • Congregation Beth Shalom
  • Hillel at Davis and Sacramento
  • Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region
  • Kenesset Israel Torah Center
  • Mosaic Law Congregation
  • North Tahoe Hebrew Congregation
  • Shalom School
  • Temple Or Rishon

How Can You Take Part?

Creating a Legacy Gift is a process that every person can undertake. Consider leaving a percentage of your estate to your favorite charities through a will or trust. Assign a charity as the beneficiary of a portion of your retirement fund or life insurance policy. There is no expectation of payment while you are living, and your heirs can benefit from the lesson of philanthropy just as much as from a cash inheritance.

You can let your favorite charities know that you intend to leave them a gift by filling out this Letter of Intent and returning it to the JCFW Offices. Or, if you prefer, you can contact your charities directly to discuss the ways you can be a part of building Legacy Giving.

Once you've finalized the paperwork to provide for your gift in your estate plan, please let us know what arrangements you have made by completing the Legacy Gift Confirmation. Or contact Pam Herman, Executive Director at

Donor Profile: Mike and Lynn Dean

Lynn and Mike Dean are both attorneys. Each has served on the board and then as President of Temple Or Rishon (TOR); although when Mike was president it was called Sunrise Jewish Congregation. Their devotion to TOR is tremendous with Mike overseeing the purchase of the land the synagogue is built on and Lynn overseeing the construction of the Temple’s first permanent home. As the then rabbi of TOR, Marvin Schwab, joked, in a reference to a saying regarding R. Moshe ben Maimon (the Rambam),”Mi Dean ad Dean, lo kam k’Dean.” (“From Dean to Dean, there was none like Dean.”) Both Mike and Lynn have served on the board of the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region, with Lynn also serving several years as its President. Mike has leant his time to Shalom School, AIPAC and the JCRC. In addition, Lynn was President of the Federation’s Women’s Division and served on the Placer County Commission on Aging. Mike, on the other hand, has lent his time to the Shalom School board, AIPAC’s Northern California Advisory Committee, and to the JCRC.

Of course, with respect to the Jewish Community Foundation of the West, Mike just recently ended his 3-year term as JCFW president in 2017, where he provided terrific guidance over many changes and wonderful growth. Mike has been on the JCFW board for 9 years and remains on the JCFW board at this time serving not only as a board member, but also as a member of the JCFW Investment Committee. Not to be outdone, Lynn preceded Mike on the JCFW board serving as its secretary and on its Executive Committee 9 years, Mike and Lynn have over 30 years each of giving back to our community.

And, as if that were not enough, in addition to participation in JCFW’s Life & Legacy program and their other tzadakah on behalf of both Jewish and non-Jewish causes, last year Mike and Lynn chose to directly fund the Temple Or Rishon Legacy Endowment, held at the JCFW. In their words; "We support Life & Legacy because it is important to us that we do our part to ensure that the Jewish institutions that mean so much to us are financially secure in the future. And, we chose to make a portion of our gift during our lifetime so that the endowment fund could begin to grow now."

For more information about the LIFE & LEGACY Program and how you can make an impact with your treasured organizations, please click here or contact Pam Herman, Executive Director at

Donor Profile: Larry and Sharon Saltzman

Sharon and Larry Saltzman each have 35 plus years of giving back to the community. Larry is a retired physician and Sharon a freelance designer. They have worked together in business and they work together to support the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Larry as an Executive Research Director and Sharon as TNT League Co-Chair, Greater Sacramento. This cause is very personal to them as Larry continues to be in remission from an aggressive form of both of these diseases. They are both founding members of the Land Park Association and served on the Mosaic Law Congregation Board of Directors. Sharon is an associate member of TDX and a past Israel Bond Chairwoman. Using her professional skills, Sharon was a volunteer at the JCFW doing design work for our organization. One of the most important roles for Sharon was her time on the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region Executive Committee, first as Treasurer and then as 1st Vice President. It was during that time that Sharon saw a need to fund teen trips to Israel and she and Larry provided the seed funding for the Teen Trip to Israel Endowment, held at the JCFW and benefiting youth on Federation sanctioned trips to Israel. This fund was started with $25,000 in 2006 and has grown to $80,000 while providing numerous students with monetary stipends for life-changing experiences, defining the true definition of an endowment with preservation and growth of principal while at the same time distributing funds.

Larry serves on the Shalom School Investment Advisory committee as well as the JCFW Investment Committee and has served on the JCFW Board of Directors since 2009. Both Sharon and Larry are committed to furthering the legacy of our Jewish community through their donations of time and funding at the Jewish Community Foundation of the West. And just last year they chose to fulfill their Life and Legacy commitment creating a new Endowment benefitting Mosaic Law Congregation. Sharon and Larry answer the question of why fund our Life and Legacy commitment now. "We believe that endowments are the way to build a strong community. A decade ago, we endowed a fund at the JCFW and we are proud to see the impact that it has had. We decided to fund our commitment to Mosaic Law through the Life and Legacy program this year, so we can once again see the benefits to our community in our lifetime."

For more information about the LIFE & LEGACY Program and how you can make an impact with your treasured organizations, please click here or contact Pam Herman, Executive Director at